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A Place Of Peace & Silence- St. Benedict’s Monastery, Corte, Carmen, Cebu, Philippines

Manaoag Shrine

If you are looking for a place of peace and silence – where you are one with nature and with God – come and visit the Benedict’s Monastery, in Corte, Carmen Cebu, Philippines. It has a pilgrim’s shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Manaoag called the Rosary Center, where you can reflect and say the Holy Rosary.

During the Holy Week, you can also spend time with your family in prayer of the Stations of the Cross. They have a huge place where you can offer your sacrifices of prayers and thanksgiving. At the end of the trail is the huge Risen Christ, the picture below.

Risen Christ

The location of the Risen Christ may not be the summit, as you can see it’s still isn’t the highest point in the place, but it’s overlooking. You will be overwhelmed of the greenery that surrounds you. It’s amazing!
Although, just a tip: If you are going there, make sure to bring umbrellas and water. The location of the Stations of the Cross is in the open – only a few trees are covering the area. So, expect the sun to shine directly on you. You will surely sweat and get wet and tanned when trudging your way towards the Risen Christ. But, that’s what sacrifice is all about, right?

(I misplaced some of the pictures I took when I was in the area. But, if I can visit the place again, I surely do share it with you!)

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The Beautiful Rice Fields in Calatagan, Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines

The beautiful rice field of Calatagan, Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines

The place I am always visiting at least once a year – very far from the highway – has its hidden beauty. This is one of the amazement you can see in the place. On top of it all, are large vegetable gardens of the locals.

Come, visit the place and you won’t ever regret a thing. It’s very far from Malabuyoc Proper, but, it’s very accessible whether you have a car or you can ride on one of the “Habal-habal” (motorcycles for hire) in the highway.

More adventures to come!